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Top 5 Funk Roberts Workouts

From the Spart Training System to FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning, my workouts are designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, and get into the best shape of your life, regardless of age.

Unleashing the Power of Funk Roberts: A Comprehensive Guide to His Top Workouts and Training Programs

Let’s be honest—we’re all looking for ways to shortcut our way to bigger arms, more defined abs, and a higher level of fitness. But while shortcuts may exist in some areas, they’re few and far between when it comes to getting fit. You’ve probably heard that you can’t outwork a bad diet, and the same is true for getting your dream body—no magic pill or single workout will get you shredded. As a former professional athlete, personal trainer, and MMA conditioning coach, I know first-hand that hard work, dedication, and consistency come with a big ROI.

I’ve created hundreds of training programs and led thousands of men to balance their hormones, build muscle, and burn fat, so I’m here to share with you some of my workout principles and training programs that can help you transform your body and performance, too.

Funk Roberts Workouts: My Four Core Workout Principles

Funk Roberts workouts

Before I get into the details of the Funk Roberts workouts, there are a few principles that I build my workouts around that I want you to understand. Every program I design, regardless of whether you’re 40, 50, 60, or 70, is designed with a few critical aspects in mind:

  1. Intensity: If you want results, you need to push yourself. I want to get your heart rate up, and I want you to challenge your body in ways that will force it to adapt. How? Short, intense bursts of activity. This approach guarantees maximum calorie burn, muscle growth, fat loss, and improved cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Functional: Bodybuilding, bro-split, and isolation exercises are great for building maximum strength and hypertrophy, but for men over 40 who deal with different issues than men in their younger years, we aim for functionality. The exercises in my programs are meant to develop functional strength and mobility, allowing you to perform better in daily activities and sports.
  3. Dynamic: You won’t find the same workouts day after day here. My workouts and programs are anything but monotonous. I incorporate various training styles and exercises to challenge you, push your body to its limits, and keep you engaged.
  4. Adaptable: Whether you’re just getting into fitness or have been at it for decades, the programs I create cater to different fitness levels and can easily be modified to suit your needs and health/fitness goals.

With these principles in mind, I want to share some of my top training programs with you! 

Top Five Workout Programs

Spartan Training System

Are you tired of the same old boring workout routine? Kick it up a notch with the Spartan Training System. It’s a comprehensive workout program designed to develop all aspects of fitness—strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and mobility. With this program, you’re getting a mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), metabolic conditioning, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training to help you boost testosterone, build muscle, enhance strength, and burn fat. How? The Spartan Training System is divided into four main components:

  1. Strength and Power Training
  2. Endurance and Stamina Training
  3. Functional Fitness and Core Training
  4. Mobility, Flexibility, and Recovery 

Metabolic Bodyweight Blasters

If you don’t have the equipment, there’s no need to skip the workouts. There’s a big myth that bodyweight exercises aren’t effective for building muscle. While they may not offer maximum strength, some research shows that bodyweight training is equally as effective as combined training (aerobic and resistance training) with respect to changes in muscle mass, physical performance, inflammatory markers, and metabolic health in specific populations. That’s why Metabolic Bodyweight Blasters are a must for any man over 40 looking to improve body composition, build muscle, and burn fat.

On top of that, research shows that bodyweight training can:

These workouts are designed to elevate your heart rate, burn fat, and build lean muscle. The program includes 20 unique bodyweight blaster workouts, which can be done anywhere, anytime, without needing equipment. I’m about no excuses here—just get it done!

Combat-Ready Conditioning

I’ve been involved in martial arts for decades, and of course, some of my workouts draw from combat training to create my Combat-Ready Conditioning program—one of the toughest programs designed to whip you into the shape of combat fighters. They’re designed to enhance physical performance by combining explosive power, speed, agility, and endurance training to improve overall athleticism. Whether you’re a fighter or not, this program challenges your body in unique ways to get you into the best shape of your life. If you’re looking to develop functional strength and conditioning, this is for you.  

Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells are some of the most underutilized training tools out there but are some of the best tools to improve virtually every aspect of fitness. The Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts program highlights the versatility and effectiveness of kettlebell training for building strength, power, endurance, speed, and mobility. Whether you’re looking for upper body strength, stronger legs, or more functionality, kettlebells will do it. Kettlebells are renowned for building functional strength through compound movements, making this one of the best programs for men looking to improve their fitness and performance. They’re also relatively low impact, making them an excellent alternative for men struggling to do conventional barbell, dumbbell, or machine workouts.

FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning 

Ready to train like an MMA fighter? The FunkMMA Strength and Conditioning program will get you into peak shape quickly. Explicitly designed for MMA fighters and combat athletes, it combines functional strength training, power development, and cardiovascular conditioning to help fighters reach their peak physical condition. But if you’re not a fighter or combat athlete, don’t turn a blind eye. These workouts will enhance your overall performance and reduce the risk of injury. Whether you’re 50 or 80, or an athlete looking to prepare for the demands of your sport, these workouts are killer. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with low testosterone, abdominal fat, poor strength, and muscle loss, I hear you. Don’t settle for any run-of-the-mill workout you find on the internet. If you want something that works and produces insane Grammy-worthy results, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Assess your fitness level and goals: Before diving head-first into any program, you want to determine your current fitness level and set realistic goals. Doing so will help you choose the right program for you and make any necessary modifications to suit your current needs.
  1. Select the appropriate program: You want to choose a program that aligns with your fitness goals. If you want to burn body fat, a metabolic program might be your go-to. If you want to enhance cardiovascular fitness and stamina, try the combat program. Determine your end goal and choose a program to help you get there.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the exercises: Many men try to one-up the other guys at the gym by loading up the bar or picking the heaviest dumbbells. Don’t do it—it sets you up for injury. Instead, get familiar with the exercises and focus on technique and form. Once you’ve mastered that, you can increase the weight. When you move with good form, you not only reduce the risk of injury, but you also hit the intended muscles, thereby supporting proper muscle growth and development. 
  1. Track your progress: Nothing says results like comparing where you started and where you are now. Tracking your progress ensures you are moving towards your goal, but it also serves as motivation to keep you on the right path. Keep a log of your workouts and note strength, endurance, mobility, and body composition improvements. Then, you can adjust your workout program to continue progressing.

Stay consistent and motivated: Staying motivated isn’t easy; without consistency and discipline, it’s easy to fall off the bus. Consistency is the #1 thing that will drive results, so even when times are tough, and you want to lounge on the couch, remember your goals. Stick to your chosen program, stay committed, and maintain a positive mindset throughout your fitness journey.


Whether you’re looking for strength, endurance, speed, stamina, or anything else, I’ve created a lineup of workouts and training programs offering diverse options to level up your fitness game. From the comprehensive Spartan Training System to the specialized combat-focused conditioning programs, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or goals. 

By adhering to his guiding principles of high intensity, functional training, and dynamic workouts, unleash your inner power and transform your body.


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