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Why Working Out At 50 Is A Must

If you want to build muscle, burn fat, and look and feel your best, nothing works better than hitting the weights—but not for any old workout. Working out at 50 is about challenging your body with compound movements to stimulate muscle growth, burn fat, and balance hormones. 

Thinking About Working Out At 50? Here’s Why You Should

When you hit your 40s, maintaining your health can be challenging. Hormones are dropping, muscle disappears faster than you can build it, and nothing seems to work as it did twenty years ago. But what if it could? 

Building muscle and burning fat doesn’t have to be like banging your head against a brick wall. When you implement the proper techniques and training styles, you’ll be well on your way to that shredded body you had in your 20s. So, let’s get familiar with MRT and why it’s a must if you’re working out at 50.

Challenges for Men Over 50 and Why You Should Strength Train

Hitting the big 5-0 doesn’t put you in the automatic dead zone for muscle growth, but it makes things more challenging. Not only does training take a bigger toll on your body thanks to more delicate joints and bones, but you’re also fighting against sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss, hormonal imbalances, and none strength decline that naturally comes with climbing the age totem pole. 

But while bone health might be a big concern for your overall health and quality of life, you also want to focus on muscle strength. Without sufficient muscle strength, you would struggle to do even the simplest of activities; think lifting your grocery bags, walking up the stairs, or even sitting in your car—probably all things you don’t want to lose. 

Having adequate muscle mass and strength means you can function well and maintain your quality of life. And that’s exactly why workout out at 50 is a huge must. We want to focus on preventing sarcopenia and gain strength to maintain functionality as we age. That also means keeping your mobility and reducing the risk of injury. 

But apart from that, there are other reasons why we want to build muscle by working out at 50: 

  1. Improve posture
  2. Increase bone density
  3. Maintain joint health
  4. Build strength and stamina
  5. Promote weight management 

The Best Training Style for Working Out At 50

So, you want to work out but aren’t sure what to do? Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro at lifting, MRT is for you. Not sure what MRT is? Only one of the best training styles for working out at 50. It’s highly effective for building lean muscle, torching body fat, and improving overall physical fitness—and best of all, you’re doing all this with every workout. There’s no need to spend hours in the gym daily. In as little as 30 minutes, you’ll ignite your metabolism, crush calories, elevate your lactate threshold, boost muscle growth, and enhance your body’s ability to adapt to training stimuli. And the results you get from MRT are insane, making it fantastic for men over 50. 

In simple terms, MRT isn’t a single workout style. Instead, it’s an umbrella term that covers any form of intense cardiovascular and muscular training. You’ll find things like circuits, supersets, and compound multi-joint movements, and works on both aerobic and anaerobic levels. Simply put, MRT blurs the lines between resistance training and cardio to produce one of the most intense and effective workouts. 

Let’s break that down further. With MRT, you’re using high-intensity strength exercises to maximize calorie burn during and after workouts (this is called EPOC, and we’ll discuss it shortly), which offer incredible metabolic and muscle-building benefits. So, if you’re tired of hard work and mediocre results, MRT might be for you. 

Here’s why.

The science behind metabolic resistance training

Working Out At 50

MRT might sound too good to be true, but these workouts aim to boost the metabolic “cost” of exercise. Metabolic resistance training maximizes your body’s ability to adapt to change. It’s an intense combination of strength and interval training to increase calorie burn, torch fat, and increase every aspect of your fitness.

Strength training is gold for muscle growth and strength, while high-intensity interval training elevates EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), so when you combine them, you continue to utilize energy and burn calories even after you’ve stopped training. But when we say elevate, we’re talking about a significant amount—some research suggests it can increase your body’s capacity for change by up to 50%! 

Let’s dig into that for a minute. 

The two primary reasons why MRT is great for working out at 50 and burning fat while building muscle are these:

  1. Workouts are high intensity

If you’ve done HIIT, you know it’s not easy. But when you add a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells (or any other form of resistance), your results will quickly skyrocket because you add an extra layer of challenge. MRT gives anyone insane results because it pushes your body to the limit in terms of both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. You’re challenging your body with heavy loads or higher speeds to force your body to adapt and work harder. The higher the intensity, the greater the metabolic demands and the better the results.

  1. It utilizes your entire body

Isolation exercises are great and have their place, but if you want to build maximum muscle and burn fat, compound full-body movements will get you there. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, meaning that an exercise’s metabolic cost (calorie burn) is directly related to the number of muscles working. Simply put, the more muscles you use, the more energy you require, and the more you burn.

With that said, the main goal of MRT is to maximize your body’s capacity to work and burn calories by combining strength training with intense aerobic cardio exercises. As a result, you maximize calorie burn and fat during and after training while packing on lean muscle mass.

Why using combination exercises is super effective for torching fat and building muscle

Regardless of age, no one wants to spend hours hitting the weights without seeing results. Especially for older men, training is about strategy. Working out over 50 is all about working out harder and smarter. That’s why we take full-body compound exercises and make them high-intensity—you’ll maximize your time in the gym and your results. 

But what’s the deal with compound movements? Why are they better than something like the bro split? 

Although studies suggest that if you want to gain strength, single-joint and multi-joint movements are equally as effective, weight loss and fat-burning (i.e., EPOC) require more—that is multi-joint or compound movements. Why? They have a greater energy demand and expenditure. Studies consistently find that training with multi-joint exercises promotes greater gains in strength, which could result from higher neural challenges promoted by these compound movements.


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